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Spokane Newborn Session - Evelyn - Glimpse Photography Spokane

Author Rebecca Wells once said, “Flowers heal me. Tulips make me happy.”

I’ve always dreamed of using pink tulips in a newborn session. But let me tell you — making that dream happen is a bit trickier than you might think.
Babies and birth? They’re unpredictable! It’s one of the most beautiful and challenging parts about this stage of life for my clients. Although parents
typically book a newborn session months in advance, truly pinning down a particular date for the photos just isn’t really a thing. My sweet spot for
newborn photos is 8-10 days after a little one’s birthday, so parents set a tentative appointment with me based on their baby’s due date, and then
we make adjustments from there as needed.

Needless to say, wanting a specific color of a certain type of flower for a newborn session takes some pretty intentional orchestration on my part. 

I’m so grateful to have partnered with Tia, the owner and artist behind In Bloom,
an urban flower farm right here in the heart of Spokane. Tia made all of my pink tulip dreams happen for this session — and then some. When she saw
this dogwood branch, she just knew it would make for a beautiful photo, so she set it aside for me and then brought it down to my studio, along with
the tulips. The branch is something I never would have thought to use, but it is easily one of favorite setups from the session.

These kinds of newborn sets are always a fun creative challenge for me. I think most people underestimate how difficult they can be to put together. Something
can look really beautiful in person, but getting it to look that way in camera is a completely different story. It takes practice, creativity and an
artistic eye to create the kind of depth and layers an image needs. As I edited these photos, I knew pushing myself was worth it; this set is absolutely
one of my all-time favorites. Thanks to my partnership with Tia, I’m now trying to incorporate fresh florals in as many of my newborn sessions as possible.

I absolutely adored my time with beautiful baby Evelyn and her mom, Breanna. This little girl was an absolute dream to photograph. She slept and slept
for me. She let me do almost anything I wanted — I seriously wish all babies were that easy! For her parents’ sake, I’m hoping this sweet sleeper
has kept up the good work dreaming away at home too.

As summer winds down and all of the craziness of the fall season is upon us, looking back at these photos from Evelyn’s newborn session has me thinking
there must be something to what Rebecca Wells had to say about those tulips.

Do they make me happy? Certainly. On this sunny September afternoon, I hope they do the same for you.