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Spokane Newborn Session - Haynie - Glimpse Photography Spokane


My passion for family is a huge part of what fuels my love for photography. I have the special privilege of taking photos for families from the very beginning
— sometimes as early as a pregnancy announcement — through the anticipation of a child’s arrival, those precious first days when families meet their
little ones, and all of the special milestones as those sweet babies grow up.

This sweet family is such a perfect example of why I love what I do. Little Haynie is one of my baby planners, which means newborn, sitter (6 months)
and first birthday shoots are all included in her package. What a treat to see this family over the course of Haynie’s entire first year. I get the
chance to photograph so many special details of their baby girl so they can remember the beauty of this fleeting time forever.

I loved how excited big sister Andee was to have little Haynie around. She couldn’t wait to pose in photos with her new baby sister!

Sibling pictures are always a bit of a challenge when the big brother or sister is as little as Andee — which is pretty frequently the case. Siblings
are often very wiggly and just don’t want to stay still for long. Any mom of a toddler is like, “Okay, no surprise there” — am I right? To get adorable
photos like these, I have to be fast and have some tricks up my sleeve to keep them engaged. (And — if mom and dad are okay with it — I’m not above
bribing them with the candy or fruit snacks I keep on hand. Ha!)

It is always really important to me to make sure baby will stay safe in her sister’s arms. Andee did really well staying still to keep Haynie safe — but
of course, we always have mom or dad right there to the side with baby in case big sister decides to move too quickly, jump up and run away, etc.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Shattuck family: thank you for giving me a front row seat to your own family’s special story. The privilege of working with wonderful people like you is
not lost on me!



I can’t wait to share Haynie’s remaining two sessions with all of you. I hope they serve as a reminder that, whether I get to join in on YOUR family’s
story on day one for that newborn session or day 2,456 for a family session, I’m all in.