Why Professional Photography?

There are so many reasons to choose a professional, including safety training, having proper insurance, having more experience.  I could go on and on.  But really, it all comes down to the fact that portraits are a ticket back in time to a memory otherwise lost.  Don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

What will it cost?

Let me break it down….

I specialize in creating a luxury full service experience for my clients.  You might be asking, what does that even mean?  Well, I’ll tell you.  We are talking fresh baked cookies, coffee, same day viewing, snacks, and an assitant to help create the smoothest and safest possible session.  And while all this is amazing, the best part is that I help you to get finished products you can tangibly enjoy daily.  Why?  Because though we all have the best of intentions to print our images, 90% of people I talk to say they still have digital files sitting on a USB somewhere instead of on the wall! Helping you get this done is part of my service to you. Let me do the work for you and create archival art for your home!  You can choose from wall art, albums, or matted image boxes to create the perfect heirloom for your family, and depending on what you choose, depends on what it will cost.  You will see some examples of the heirlooms below.


/ ‘erloom /  NOUN   

A valuable object that has belonged to a family for generations.

What is more valuable than your memories and your legacy?  Not much.  That’s why all of our products are made from the highest quality archival inks, glues and papers to ensure their longevity.  If cared for properly,  they will last generations.  What better gift could your child inherit someday than your family memories archived for them? 

They are quite beautiful.  Have a look….


You have two options when booking


1) You can choose a collection and pay in full at time of booking to receive discounts.  The collections listed below include your session fee, and added discounts and bonuses.

2) You can pay a $300 session fee and choose your heirlooms at your image reveal appointment. Session fee does not include any products or digital files.  (please email for detailed ala carte pricing information)



Basic $1200

Standard Session with 10 Digital Files (printable to 11×14) with print release & your choice of any Heirloom in the basic collection.  

Also included: Digital App for sharing and 15% off gift items


Premier $1650

Standard Session with 15 Digital Files (printable to 11×14) with print release & your choice of any heirloom in the premier collection. 

Also included: Digital App for sharing and 20% off gift items


Luxe $2000

Standard Session with 20 Digital Files (printable to 11×14) with print release & your choice of any heirloom in the Luxe collection. 

Also included: Digital App for sharing and 25% off gift items


Added Bonus

Purchase additional heirlooms for a discounted price

first additional ~ 25% off

second additional ~ 35% off

third and more additional ~ 50% off

*Don’t forget to watch the videos of the heirloom options above*