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7 Reasons Why You Should Get Santa Photos at Glimpse Photography Spokane this Christmas - Glimpse Photography Spokane


Ah, Santa photos. Standing in line at the mall with a fussy baby and a toddler insisting he really, really, really, REALLY needs an Orange Julius (and pinky promises he won’t spill it on his brand new white shirt ) — waiting for HOURS — only to fork out a bunch of cash for a sort of okay photo…?

Nope, nope, nope.

Seven years ago, I decided I wanted a special, low-stress Santa photo experience for my own family. I knew so many others felt the same! After rave reviews
from my friends, family, and faithful clients that first year, I knew I was onto something. Annual Santa photos have been a tradition here at Glimpse
ever since.

Ready to cut to the chase? I get it. The holidays are busy! You can sign up for 2019 Santa photos HERE

But hey, if you have a quick minute, I’ve compiled a list of the most common reasons my clients tell me they love these Santa sessions. So with no further
adieu, here are the TOP 7 reasons you should reconsider your typical holiday plans and book your Santa photos with me this December.


1. Check something off your holiday to-do list

Yep, you can take care of the Santa photo RIGHT NOW. Make the appointment, put
it in in your calendar, and forget about it until the weekend of December 7 rolls around. And then on the day of photos, you get to just enjoy the
experience! Nothing spreads holiday cheer quite like a mom who is calm, cool, and simply present in the magic of the season.

2. No long lines

Does anyone like long lines? Well, probably never — but especially not during the holidays. I know families who spend over an hour waiting in line for
photos at the mall. Not. Cool. I can think of so many better ways to spend that time. And hey, even if you don’t have a mile-long holiday “to-do” list
(props to you!), sitting around and eating bon bons next to a warm fire is for sure a million times better than standing in line at the mall.

3. It’s a special, memorable experience for your family


When you arrive at the studio, you’ll be greeted by holiday elves and offered warm drinks from the Steam Plant. Once you’re checked in, those elves will
give your kids a special sneak peek at the list (yes, I mean *THE* list) before they hop on in to see the guy in the red suit.

As soon as you’re finished with your visit and photos, you’re downtown already! Walk next door to the Steam Plant for an early dinner. Take a walk or make
a quick drive over to The Davenport to check out Christmas Tree Elegance. Pop over to River Park Square or Kendall Yards to do a little bit of holiday
shopping. These kinds of special memories are what makes Christmas so magical for our kids.


4. Personalized gift from Santa

Every child who gets their Santa photos taken at Glimpse Photography receives a special personalized gift from Santa. I’m teaming up with the lovely Jamie
from Three Birdies Bakery once again (hooray!), so each visitor
will receive a cookie with their name iced right on top. If you’ve never had one of these cookies, let me tell you: they’re so magical, it will take
no convincing whatsoever for your kids to think these things came straight from the North Pole, baked by Mrs. Claus herself.

5. The BEST Santa & Mrs. Claus will be there

Over the years, my Santa has received a lot of rave reviews. He has an authentic beard, a great smile, and a special presence with the kids. Pssst: he’s
actually a very dear friend of mine from church! He and his wife are one of the sweetest couples in the whole wide world, and I’m so thrilled they’re
back for Santa photos again this year.

On that note: we all know Santa is definitely not a one man show! Mrs. Claus is so commonly overlooked, but commonly beloved — so kids who come to my
studio get such a kick out of meeting her and having her in their photos. Having both members of this special couple is absolutely something that sets
us apart from other Santa photos in Spokane.


6. Special, unique, professionally styled backdrop

One of the most exciting parts of taking these photos each year is dreaming up the set. You’ll never see anything tired or cliche in my backdrops — each
one is special and unique to that season.

I’m so excited to share that I’m teaming up with Toni from Artifact Rentals to
style our backdrop this year. If you follow her on Instagram, you
already know she has some of the most beautiful furniture and accessories, as well an incredible eye for putting things together in such a lovely way.
I can’t wait to see how beautiful these photos will look! Which brings me to the final (and most important) reason:

7. You’ll love your photos


I take photos of young children in my studio all year round. I have been doing Santa photos for YEARS — and I absolutely love it! When you sign up for
my Santa sessions, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing photos are being taken in a professional photography studio by yours truly, a professional
photographer you can trust. It will get done right! I believe you and your family deserve nothing less. These are photos you will surely treasure for
years to come.

Ready to sign up? 2019 Santa sessions are filling quickly (and they always sell out). I can’t wait to get you in the studio. Sessions will be held on Saturday,
December 7, 2019. CLICK HERE to reserve your spot.