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New Downtown Spokane Studio - Glimpse Photography Spokane

If you are a friend or family member you may have already seen my new space at the Grand Opening Party recently!  But for those who were not able
to make it, or for my followers, I wanted to give you a peek into my new space. But first, I want to share a bit of the story of how this came to be….

Many of you knew that I already had a downtown studio that I was sharing with some amazing people!  It was stunning, with amazing light and tons of
windows.  Truly a beautiful space!  But God had bigger plans for me.  I can see His fingerprints all over this new studio, and for that
I am so grateful!  You see, as my friend (and makeup artist, Jes) and I were out seeking a space for an event we were planning, the new rooftop
Steam Plant Event Center was on our list to check out.  And while we were
there, we just happened to run into the property manager who proceeded to tell us there was a space opening up in their retail shops.  Being that
we already had an amazing space, and had committed to being there for a while longer, it didn’t seem like a very plausible idea to get our hopes up
for.  But as I looked at the space, I fell in love with it and the idea of having my own space where I could focus on building my brand and business. I
knew I had to at least try to see if it could happen.  Well to my surprise, my gracious studio mates let us out of our previous commitments, and
I am truly blessed to get to call this space my own!  I am surrounded by other awesome little shops that you should totally check out…. Studio 151 Salon, Chic and Shab home decor, The Pop Up shop, and French Toast Childrens’ Boutique
All a joy to be sharing this incredible old building with.

Well it has been a labor of love putting it all together and building my brand here at the Steam Plant Square
But I am loving the new space and loving having my very own storefront studio!  And I just LOVE the way it all came together!  This has
been a dream of mine for a long time, and I am so excited to show you how it has turned out!  If the pictures don’t do it for you, and you
would like to see it in person, I would LOVE to show you! 

You see that MUAh sticker on the right window?  That’s my friend Jes’ logo for her hair and makeup business – MUAh LLC.  All my maternity clients get hair and makeup included in their session, and all my other clients have the option
of hiring her for their sessions as well.  It is so lovely having her rent a space here in order give my clients that full experience. 
Plus, I just love her, so that makes it that much better!  If you have any special occasion hair and makeup needs, she is your gal! 
Check out her Facebook and website
She does incredible work!

What do you think of my clothes pin chandeliers?  I bet you can’t guess how many clothes pins are in each one!

This is Jes’ corner.  Such a quaint little space, but perfect with all that light!

Um, can we just stop and appreciate this sliding door for a moment?  It is a work of art, and Aaron brought my vision to life perfectly. (more
about Aaron below)

From the props and wraps, to the diapers, changing table, snacks and
drinks – I have it all right here for your convenience.  Come by and see me sometime!  I would love to show you around!

But I can’t let you leave without me first thanking some pretty important people who helped make this all possible.

* First and foremost – my husband! * 

This never would have become what it is without him.  He spent many sleepless nights, and long long hours of hard work to make it what it is today. 
From laying the floors, to painting all the duct work, and hanging my crazy heavy pinterest chandeliers, and installing all the shelving. 
He did the hard stuff to make my vision a reality.  I am so grateful, and could not have done it without his help.  Love you babe, and
thank you so much!

* My friends Amy and Miranda *

Oh man, if you could only see the text threads galore of them calming my insecurities and directing me to design inspiration.  These two stuck
with me as I asked question after question, took time our of their extremely busy schedules to help me design my accent flower wall (only to have
me re-design it again later), and loved me through the whole process.  So grateful for all your help ladies.  Love you both so much!

* My new friend Aaron from White Stagg Woodworks *

I had a pretty specific vision for the furniture in my studio, and I knew
finding all the pieces to match that vision would be ridiculously hard.  When I approached Aaron about my idea to have him custom build it
all – he jumped right on board.  And, OMG, he is a trooper!  He works full time teaching and does this on the side, but man, it was impressive
how fast he was at getting me my pieces while also working a full time job.  Every piece of wood furniture in this space was created
by him. From the shelving, to the custom desk, accent table, TV stand, and that INCREDIBLE sliding door – he did it all! And I love it all! It
is so great to have cohesive furniture supporting my brand.  I would highly suggest Aaron if you have a dream piece of wood furniture you’re
thinking about.  Here is his Facebook, and the above link is his
Instagram.  Check him out!  Aaron, your patience with me was incredible.  Thank you for making my vision a reality with this stunning
furniture, and for being one of the easiest people I know to work with.

* My friends, family *

I would not be here without you!  Your support means the world to me as I chase my dream. I know you don’t all understand this crazy adventure
I am on, but I appreciate your support non-the-less. 

* My Clients *

I wouldn’t be here without you clients trusting in me to capture your precious memories.  I truly do mean it every time I say “thank you”. 
Without you, I would not get to live out my passion and gifts, and get the chance to pursue my dream.  A HUGE thank you to you all.

* And last but definitely not least – YOU!! *

Whoever you are, If you made it through this really long post – you are likely someone who cares about this adventure I am on.  You are super
important to me because not only are you hopefully my future clients, but you help me to stay in business by reading my blogs, telling your
friends about me, sharing my posts, and commenting on social media!  These things may seem small, but they are a HUGE part of me getting
the word out about my business.  So THANK YOU for doing these things.  I truly appreciate them so very much.  In fact, let’s
practice…. haha.  Would you mind heading on back to that social media post where you found this blog link?  Hit the share button
to tell a pregnant friend about me, comment on the post about your favorite part about the new studio, and hit the like button while you’re. 
These all will make a world of difference if we do it together.  You’re the best!!  Thank you!!