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Spokane Newborn Session - Lola - Glimpse Photography Spokane



I often have clients ask about the best time to book a newborn session. Here’s the thing: it’s never too early! Typically, I get babies on the books around
the end of the first trimester. Newborn photos have to be timed just right, so it’s important to make sure we set aside the sweet spot where everyone
is feeling pretty good and recovered from the birth, but baby is still in that sleepy newborn stage.



All of that being said, sometimes the stars just happen to align. I got a call from Lola’s mom after the precious girl had already arrived, and I am so
glad I was able to fit her in. Normally, that is not the case — but this time it all worked out, and I got to photograph little Lola at about two
weeks old. She sure is a sweet little peanut.



Looking at this precious little face, I can almost forget that Lola actually gave me a little bit of a run for my money during this session. And you know
what? That’s okay. In fact, it’s more than okay; it’s totally normal! Babies aren’t born to make our lives easier, right? That’s why I continue to
invest in ongoing training specific to newborn photography so I’m always fresh on the best tips and tricks to deliver gorgeous photos, no matter how
fussy your baby might be feeling. This is where all the baby soothing techniques and patience come into the picture. Shushing, swaying, white noise,
swaddling, lots of heat and lots of patience. Not all babies just sleep through the session. Many actually don’t. This job takes skill, patience, and
a willingness to let the baby lead the way. If it takes a little while for us to settle your little one, it’s never a reason to stress — I accounted
for that in our schedule already. It’s all just part of the beautiful process.



For Lola, I eventually determined she needed to be swaddled in order to be settled. And that’s totally okay, and, again, pretty normal, really. Some of
my babies end up with a fully wrapped session, but, as I’m sure you’ll agree, that doesn’t make the photos any less beautiful.

Congratulations on your firstborn, Kelsey and Kyle. I’m so grateful for the morning we spent together with your sweet little one!